Tax Preparation/Planning

Bryant & DaValle Certified Public Accountants; CPA Firm

We go well beyond preparing individual and business tax returns.

It’s smart tax planning that makes all the difference come year end. Through years of experience in assisting clients with multifaceted income tax matters, we know how to create strategies to reduce your tax liability that are tailored to your specific set of circumstances.

Throughout the year we have the ability to work with you to develop a well-structured tax plan that will:
  • Offer guidance on business decisions made throughout the year that will impact annual tax liability.
  • Employ strategies that will allow you to adjust revenue and/or expenses to another year, taking advantage of a lower tax rate.
  • Analyze your books at year end for over-looked deductions.
  • Assist you on entity selection for your business to maximize available tax planning strategies.
  • Remain up-to-date on the changing tax laws that affect you.

In addition to individual and business tax return preparation we also have the ability to prepare tax returns for:
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Not for profit companies
  • Benefit Plans
  • Payroll and Sales Tax